Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tech Tour and IVC - Healthtech Summit June 2013

The Tech Tour invites you to join them for the upcoming Healthtech Summit in London, June 25 -26, which is a joint initiative between the Tech Tour and the International Venture Club (IVC), Europe’s collaborative platform for leading venture investors. The event will showcase the top 20 healthtech companies in Europe and an International Venture Club Round Table will be held before the event. The theme for the Summit will be;

“Crossing the chasm from startup to a sustainable high growth business.”
Aris Constantinides, Founder and Investment Director of NBGI Ventures, will serve as Co-President of the Healthtech Summit and commented on the state of the industry in Europe and the particular choice of theme for this year’s event, “The healthcare landscape is changing globally and on many levels: regulatory, economic, and technological. We chose the particular theme to this year’s summit as, amongst these strong winds of change, entrepreneurs are increasingly required to build their companies into real, sustainable and successful high growth businesses. Aside from highlighting Europe’s 20 most promising healthtech companies, this year’s Summit is aimed at helping entrepreneurs overcome these important challenges and thinking about building for the long-term.” 

Rudy Mareel, former CEO of Synthon and Co-President of the Healthtech Summit explained his vision and goals for the upcoming Summit saying, "Innovation is poised to play a greater role in the evolution of the healthcare market as demographic, regulatory and financial challenges play out. Yet, new product and services concepts often struggle to gain momentum in the larger institutions. Entrepreneurs, in contrast, have the freedom to develop ideas, but are faced with limited resources that can just as easily stifle their innovations. That’s why we’ve designed The Healthtech Summit as a space for young companies and resources to meet. We look forward to robust interaction between technology innovators, leaders of the various venture capital groups who invest in healthcare and key players from the industry." 

Selection Committee will be tasked with choosing the top 20 emerging companies to be unveiled at the Summit and includes (as of April 8):
Daniel Bertholet, Endeavour Vision                                    
Lionel Carnot, BayCity Capital
Dina Chaya, Neomed
Maciek Drozdz, Entrepreneurs Fund                                                      
Andrew Elder, Albion Ventures                          
Chandra Leo, HBM Partners                                                
Bruno Montanari, Omnes Capital                                  
Karl Naegler, GIMV                                                              
Antoine Papiernik, Sofinnova Partners
Alex Pasteur, Fidelity Biosciences                                      
Nigel Pitchford, Imperial Innovations                                   
Thom Rasche, Earlybird                                                      
Manus Rogan, Fountain Healthcare Partners                
Dr. Pennina Safer, Medical Venture Partners Israel            
Josep Sanfeliu, Ysios Capital                                
Charles Stacey, Inventages
*Strategic narrative support for each of the selected companies will be provided by Dave Ancel, Ed.D. Managing Partner at Emergent Solutions, Inc.

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