Friday, 10 May 2013

Blacknight now currently offering .CO Asian IDNs

On April 15, 2013, the .CO Registry announced the global launch of Asian internationalized domain names (IDNs) for the .CO domain name. Internationalised domain names use native characters such as kanji instead of the more limited Latin character set.  The availability of additional global languages in the .CO namespace is intended to increase local interest and use.  Languages now available through .CO are Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Only a select number of domain registrars are chosen by .CO Registry to carry the popular domain. Blacknight, which has been accredited to sell .CO domains since last year, supports the decision to add Asian IDNs.

Blacknight CEO, Michele Neylon explains: “As one of the few companies accredited directly with .CO, we are delighted to support new features that the registry offers. The Asia Pacific markets are growing at an incredible pace and support for IDNs by registries and registrars is a key part of the globalisation of the Internet.”

Internationalised domains have been growing in use and allow Internet users across the globe to communicate online in their native languages. The growth of the Internet user base caused by the availability of content in familiar languages and scripts is the backbone of the IDN philosophy.  Neylon Continues: “If the Internet is truly international than all people using it should be able to communicate in their native language. .CO is one of a handful of registries that really understand that to appeal to and be of service to all people, domains can’t be limited to ASCII characters.”

Asian IDNs will be available for registration within the second and third level domains of .co,,, and any restricted third level domains (,,,

Blacknight are currently offering .CO Asian IDNs from €8.80 and suggest that they pair quite nicely with their Minimus and Maximus hosting plans (  where you'll also be available to avail of substantial discounts.

To learn more about the suite of services offered by Blacknight or to register a .CO Asian IDN please visit