Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Coadec - Startup Advocacy Summit

It's a big week for Coadec as they prepare to welcome people from across the world to our Startup Advocacy Summit

Taking place at Campus on Thursday 23rd - Friday 24th May they have startup advocacy groups, like Coadec, from around the world coming to London to discuss common policy issues impacting tech startups.

To show their guests that the UK startup scene knows how to have a good time we're also putting on a GLOBAL STARTUP DOMINATION party on Thursday evening to celebrate our internationalness. 

The event is sold out but any Coadec subscribers who sign up to the waitlist will receive tickets. Come along for cocktails, BBQ and nitrogen ice cream. 

Please find below the latest weekly briefing with news on these issues, and all policy issues affecting digital businesses from the previous fortnight days and upcoming events of interest.