Saturday, 25 May 2013

Irish FIlm at Cannes 2013

We have always done a small piece on the Cannes Film Festival and the Irish Pavilion.

Irish FIlm Board

The Irish Film Industry at the Cannes Film Festival 2013

The Irish Pavilion
The Irish Pavilion in Cannes is the central point for the Irish presence at the festival, promoting Irish film and Ireland as a film location.

To see the opening hours and what is happening in the Irish Pavilion, see the Irish Pavilion in Cannes section of our website.

Irish Delegation Attending
A host of Irish producers, directors, writers along with Irish film festivals, distributors and film agencies will be travelling to Cannes. To find out who is included in the Irish Delegation you can download the Irish Pavilion Members List on this page.

Irish Films Screening and Selling in Cannes

A number of Irish films will be screening and selling at the film market. You can download a full list on this page.

Irish Film Board Staff Attending
Members of the Irish Film Board will be attending the festival. If you wish to meet with a staff member please feel free to email directly or contact the Irish Pavilion.

James Hickey, CEO 16th - 21st May

Teresa McGrane, Head of Business Affairs 16th - 21st May

Emma Scott, Production & Distribution Executive 16th - 19th May

Rory Gilmartin, Project Manager 19th - 22nd May

Mary Callery, Project Manager 17th - 20th May

Keith Potter, Project Manager 17th - 21st May

Louise Ryan, Marketing and Communications Executive 16th - 20th May

Mags O'Sullivan, Marketing Executive 15th - 17th May