Friday, 17 May 2013

Launch of the first ever Wi-Fi body scale

Pioneer in health 2.0 since 2009 with the launch of the first ever Wi-Fi body scale, Withings is the leader and the game-changer in connected health. Thanks to its openness and accessible policy for partnerships, Withings places itself at the centre of the world of connected health with significant companies such as RunKeeperLose It!HealthVaultMedHelp…and now Jawbone with its UP application.

Thanks to Withings open API, the number of partnerships has significantly increased this year, particularly with MyFitnessPal and the Balance Rewards program from Walgreens. The hundredth partner to be named is UP by Jawbone which is a connected bracelet with an activity sensor.

Withings provides a free API which is open to everyone which enables developers to enrich their applications and user experiences by easily integrating the data which is collected. Withings’ approach is to not limit its advice to users and to its own devices (connected body scales, soon to be released Smart Activity Tracker, Smart Blood Pressure Monitor…) This makes Withings a leading brand for all users in the domain of connected health. Regardless of which device or health application people use, the data becomes meaningful when it is displayed on the Withings’ health application – The Health Companion. The fact that they have developed a strategy of open data shows that Withings not only sells accessories but that Withings is the flag-bearer and the voice of an entire movement which revolutionizes lifestyles and the way in which everyone manages their wellbeing.

This is a strategy which pays off because it places Withings at the centre of a large eco-system of partners and enables it to reach over 100 million users across the world!

C├ędric Hutchings, CEO and co-founder of Withings: “Our health application integrates 4 essential aspects of wellbeing: weight, sleep, activity, the heart. The revolution is its simplicity from which people can access their vital data. The fast growing number of users of connected health is evidence of the magnitude of this movement.”