Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Navy Personnel Studying for Leaving Cert at Sea Get Online Support System

E-learning Initiative Launched by Irish Naval Service and TheMathsTutor.ie

The Irish Naval Service has signed a licencing agreement with TheMathsTutor.ie to use their high-tech learning system to support Navy personnel studying Leaving Certificate maths.

Custom-built for the new Project Maths syllabus, TheMathsTutor.ie system will enable Navy personnel to continue studying while at sea as well as ashore.  This means they can obtain their Leaving Certificate much sooner than if they attend a traditional college, which would require that they are shore-based for the full duration of their study.

Lt Cdr Conor Kirwan, commanding officer of L.É. Orla, said
“The Naval Service strives to provide all personnel with the opportunity for personal development and associated professional experience in order to realise their full potential during their time in Service. TheMathsTutor.ie system will give people who have not completed Leaving Cert Maths the opportunity to complete this milestone exam for their own development. It will also open up new career avenues for them as Leaving Cert Maths  is a key requirement for entry into Naval Service apprenticeship programmes and for certain promotions.

The system is being rolled out initially on L.É. Orla, with the expectation that other ships will follow suit the following year. TheMathsTutor.ie the Leaving Certificate course will be used by navy personnel who are completing their sea rotation on board ship in their own time instead of waiting for their shore rotation and attending a traditional college.

Developed by a team of Irish mathematicians and IT specialists, TheMathsTutor.ie provides a full online learning environment, with Video Lessons, Interactive Exercises and additional Online Supports, available 24/7. 

It is the only online system covering all 5 strands of the new Project Maths syllabus, from Junior Cert through to Leaving Cert Higher level.

Eamonn Toland, founder of TheMathsTutor.ie, said,
“We are very proud to be chosen to provide maths e-learning support to the Irish Naval Service.  This is an organisation which places a high value on mathematical ability and problem-solving skills to fulfil its mission, and which is very willing to invest in appropriate training for its personnel.” 

Initially supporting individual students, there are currently more than 4000 secondary school students and teachers using the e-learning resource.  In its latest phase of development, TheMathsTutor.ie is now extending its reach through licencing to schools and other organisations including the Irish Naval Service.

Toland concluded by saying,
“The aims of the new Project Maths syllabus are to develop problem-solving skills, to relate maths to everyday experience, and to explore real-life applications of maths.  The work of the Naval Service is a wonderfulillustration of all of these aspects of maths.  We are delighted to support Naval Service personnel in acquiring and building these skills, and to obtain the qualifications required for career progression.”