Thursday, 23 May 2013

NDRC Startup Roster - First 5 Startups heating up the competition. Part 1


Providing hands-on mentoring, a workspace, AND pre-seed investment, LaunchPad is Ireland’s first digital accelerator, supporting the next generation of digital entrepreneurs to accelerate good ideas to sound startups.
LaunchPad VII began on the 25th of February 2013, with 14 of the most promising startups coming through NDRC’s doors to begin the 12 week accelerator programme. You can see a summary of each startup below.


3funnel is a disruptive tool for digital agencies and data analysts. Most websites can be viewed as a funnel. Web visitors enter at the top and transition though the website on the way to making an online purchases or booking an appointment or requesting a call back. Funnel Analysis is the business of looking at this journey, and it produces great returns for businesses that get it right. 3Funnel is designed to distill the all the digital marketing and website performance data down to key bits of information for decision making. 3Funnel is the bridge between the mountain of data, the digital marketer and the decision maker.

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CityHook powers search and reservations for airport transfers – the “last mile” of travel. With a team of researchers from across Europe and a core of developers in Ireland, we have built a single information and reservation engine for what can be the most difficult portion of the trip — getting between the airport and the final destination. CityHook simplifies the relationship between online travel agents and transport operators with a goal of making travel more “user friendly” for passengers everywhere.

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CiviQ provides new methods and software for public consultations that identifies shared perspectives in large opinion streams. Visualisation of opinion change over time supports an innovative conflict management process.

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Eventmama is an online marketplace for event organisers to source and book venues and event suppliers for corporate events. Eventmama gives you direct access to a ‘black book’ of suppliers, rated and reviewed by the community, helping you plan your event in half the time.

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Fair and Square

Fair and Square is a computer aided process for online dispute resolution.Negotiations over personal effects after a separation or after someone has passed away can be fraught and time consuming. Fair and square facilitates a process that gives each person as much as possible. This process speeds up these negotiations in a way that is easily understood, transparent and fair.

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