Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Startup Focus: Fishbowl – Continue the Conversation

Fishbowl – Continue the Conversation

Approaching social networking in a new way, Fishbowl Software Development Ltd. announces today the availability of Fishbowl, its new app which virtualises physical groups in one easy step.

The new networking app allows users to quickly and easily capture contact details (the ‘fish’) and continue a real-world conversation within a group (a ‘bowl’). Fishbowl is available free on the App Store and on Google Play.

The new app,, which keeps contact details private and secure, enables users to set up groups that reflect real situations such as meetings, gatherings and events. The user creates an identity in the form of a "fish" and then creates a "Fishbowl" to host and allow other users to share their details and keep the conversation going long after the meeting has ended.

Fishbowl Software Development Ltd. MD Dave Graham said; "We all regularly meet people in different situations who we would like to stay in contact with. In college, at work, as part of a team, or just socialising. Fishbowl approaches social networking differently. It virtualises a physical group. A person creates a ‘Fish’ and then sets up a bowl which broadcasts at their specific location. The bowl is then visible to the others present and they can drop their details - or their fish - into it.”

Contact details are immediately shared within that group and dedicated discussion threads and sharing of attachments are available.

Fishbowl also allows you to chat securely with your groups, exchange files and documents all while remaining private and secure. The bowl and the relationship between you and the other members stays as relevant as when you first met.

"It was a shame when a conversation had to end when the occasion, meeting, gathering or event ended. With Fishbowl, it no longer has to," Dave Graham concludes.