Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Startup Focus - Guidecentral - Dublin and US working together

Guidecentral, is an easy way to create, discover, and share everyday knowledge through mobile phones.

What does the app do: Guidecentral is a free app available from the App Store. It is not only a platform for sharing and discovering tips on crafts, beauty, home decor and recipes, Guidecentral also provides a handy tool for craft bloggers and DIY enthusiasts who want to share their creations. The iOS app makes it easy for anyone to create how-to guides with their mobile device.
Taking step-by-step images of a project and inserting captions as you go along cuts out the hassle of creating how-to guides through the long process of taking photos and then uploading them to the computer and then to the net for publication.

The Guidecentral app community: Each Guidecentral user creates a profile on the app using their Facebook profile. Users are encouraged to interact with each other by commenting on or liking each other's guides, or by sharing them on social networks.

New feature, user contests:

From the start, each user who sets up a profile on Guidecentral has been able to earn points for various interactions such as publishing a guide, or gaining followers.

This month, we will be launching our monthly contest where users will continue to be able to earn points with the new aim of getting to the top of the Guidecentral leaderboard and winning a $150 Amazon Gift Card.

How we aim to be different: At Guidecentral we want to help creators and crafters share their tips and talents and expand their reach by connecting with like minded people through a platform which was designed with them in mind. We see that in the future, craft and DIY enthusiasts may generate revenue from the content which they add to Guidecentral, in the same way that in recent years bloggers have been benefiting from sharing their crafts, recipes and DIY ideas on blogs or YouTube.
Who we are: The team behind Guidecentral are based in Ireland but could be classed as an international startup as the developers behind the app are from Argentina and Spain and all have significant experience in the tech industry worldwide. The team is headed by CEO Gaston Irigoyen, who has a background in working for tech giants Google and Youtube.

Dublin was the ideal choice of location for the team to develop Guidecentral as the tech startup industry here is constantly expanding and the city serves as a gateway to Europe while also being impacted majorly by developments in the U.S. tech industry, an important point when 70% of the Guidecentral audience is based in the U.S.