Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The era of Big Data, advertising and social media – How standards can fill the gaps in the ecosystem.

The event will be hosted in Dublin and will take place at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, on 6 June 2013. If this is something you are interested in attending then we’d love to have you there in person.

The seminar will unite industry giants such as GS1, Huawei, Telefonica and Scanbuy, among others. Speakers will explore the ecosystem and make recommendations for new standards and best practices, which will stimulate innovation, market growth and greater end-user satisfaction. 

Interactive sessions will address:
  • the Big Data generation and what is needed for efficiency and interconnectivity
  • consumers, their data and their privacy - what role does standardization play?
  • the need for increased standardization in mobile codes and NFC
  • mobile social interaction and the role of standardized or proprietary APIs.

Attendance is free, however if you are unable to join in person you can join over the interactive live-streamed webinar, which will enable viewers to present questions to the panel. See  for agenda details and to register for the webinar.