Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WebRTC Conference and Expo

WebRTC Conference and Expo cuts to the chase and provides you with the most up to date, technically sound advice on how to harness the power of this protocol to implement real time solutions across a multitude of applications including:
  • Corporate and Consumer Websites
  • Enterprise Call Center Applications
  • Enterprise Collaboration applications
  • Games
  • Retail web sites with real time interaction
  • Social Media Sites with real-time voice, video, text, and data
  • And More…
Hear from astute industry leaders and technologists and get an understanding of the full
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Introduction and Workshops:
  • WebRTC Technical Overview and Introduction: Learn how to develop and implement WebRTC using with the new IETF and W3C standards. With specific examples of how to code and create realtime interactions, this session will be interactive, allowing for open and clear discussion.
  • Google WebRTC Workshop: Google experts and engineers will overview the Google WebRTC implementation and how to write applications to run with the Chrome browser that is in the
    market today.
  • Business Introduction to WebRTC: Introduces business and nontechnical attendees to what WebRTC is all about. The session will cover the origins of WebRTC, the concepts of a Media Engine and its purpose in an IP edge device and the concepts of triangles and trapezoids. The session will contrast WebRTC and SIP as well as discuss how WebRTC can be used to generate new capabilities.
  • Apps, Apps and more Apps
  • Business Introduction to WebRTC
  • Deploying WebRTC to the Cloud
  • Group Video Chat Issues
  • ICE, STUN, Turn & Security
  • IETF and W3C Standards Reports
  • Implementing Mobile WebRTC
  • Making the Right Signalling Choices
  • NodeJS and MongoDB
  • Panel - WebRTC Impact on Current EnterpriseTelecom Solutions
  • Panel - WebRTC Security in the Enterprise
  • The Impact of WebRTC on the Web – Real Time, All the Time
  • Using the Data Channel
  • WebRTC Disruptions
  • WebRTC Gaming
  • And More!
PLUS: 2013 WebRTC Demos and Reception - Exciting displays of how WebRTC could be used and led to many new opportunities. With an open invitation to the WebRTC community to show off their products and developments, this is your opportunity to see and evaluate WebRTC applications.