Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Xbox One - Review of Launch

Introducing the One

Another day, another console. Microsoft's latest and greatest piece of kit was on display, Xbox One. In spite of rumours of 'Xbox 720' being touted as the next name for the console, Microsoft have come full circle and settled on the Xbox One.

Initial Impressions
A big hefty VCR like black box may be taking residence under your TV. It's big, black and bulky but does have a sleekness. The controller also looks quite cool. A bit big for my liking but the innards will decide how great it is.

Closer integration with TV are being touted, though the European version of this may differ from the US version due to licencing. The vision is to see the Xbox being the primary device for your TV with blu-ray support too.

New improved Kinect comes as standard the lesson that peripheral hardware, wireless (WIFI) as standard and DVR functionality to record gameplay on the Xbox

New improved Xbox Live and Skype integrated too.

Forza and Call of Duty - Ghosts were showcased and shows real intent in terms of bring the big titles to the Xbox One. The Call of Duty - Ghosts claims to make use of the next-gen features of the xbox.

When can you get your hands on it? A worldwide launch this year. No price details were released.
It looks very interesting and impressions are good but a great set of games will decide it's fate.

More Details to follow.