Sunday, 9 June 2013

100 plus attendees working on 16 new startups at Startup Weekend

Over 100+ attendees all sitting together - pitching over. 16 new startups being worked upon.

This is the essence of what Startup Weekend is about!  The creation by individuals of new apps, games, and new online businesses will make this a very productive weekend. 

If you didn't make it - here are the current startups created.

The first 8 startups pitching are:

CarSensing : - Reads data from your car to save you money - @getcarsmarter

LegalDash - a app/ site for lawyers

Critical Connect - an instant communications app for hospital staff

SoundParty - Jam with friends

Dining Dangerously - Dinner fun

Irish Startup Exhange - for Investors

Office Rage apocalypse - @RageApocalypse

Weekend Games

Coursify - filling the gap between graduates and employers