Wednesday, 26 June 2013

5 yr Contract for Print and Document services

Ricoh Ireland today announced it has been awarded a 5 year contract worth €1.2M to provide a managed print and document service to law firm, Eversheds, at its Irish head office in Dublin. The fully outsourced service, including three onsite Ricoh staff is believed to be the first of its kind in the Irish legal sector, and provides Eversheds with an integrated and future-proofed process for managing all of its documents. Eversheds is Ireland’s only full service international law firm and provides services to a wide range of indigenous and multi-national businesses.

 The law firm and its affiliates have deep roots in Ireland but Eversheds also has a global footprint with 44 offices in 27 countries. With documents and access to information being such a crucial element of its legal procedures, Eversheds went to tender in Ireland looking for a partner to upgrade its ageing print fleet and to manage their document workflows.

 This included the provision of a new in-house print facility. Kevin Collins, partner, Eversheds, comments, “Based on its full understanding of our business objectives and its proven expertise in managing large volumes of documents, we chose Ricoh as our long term partner in Ireland. Within weeks of coming on board, they have overseen the transformation of our print and document management processes.” Ricoh has opened a new dedicated Document Centre at Evershed’s HQ on Earlsfort Terrace. The new solution includes Ricoh production devices in the document centre and three on-site Ricoh staff. While Ricoh’s team will handle most managed print and document services for Eversheds, further resilience has been built-in for busy periods when documents can also be securely delivered from Ricoh’s production print facility in Park West, Dublin.

The solution also includes the installation of Ricoh multi-functional devices across all six floors in the head office. Ricoh’s managed document service is expected to deliver significant cost, productivity and sustainability benefits for Eversheds. “In the first year of the new deal, we’re forecasting a reduction of paper consumption by one third from 7.5 million to 5 million pages, through new processes being implemented by Ricoh,” comments Michael Smith, finance director, Eversheds. “We also expect to save more than 1,000 working days per year by removing all print and copying activities from our legal team, giving them the freedom to operate more value-add activities. It will also remove the bottlenecks associated with reproducing complex legal documents and case bibles.

 This is particularly important for our staff as it promotes a better work/life balance and eliminates many of the late nights spent beside the copier before court the following day.” With electronic conveyancing set to become increasingly common in the legal sector, Eversheds now has a future-proofed document solution to allow it to provide fast and compliant online services. Electronic workflows have been improved allowing direct scanning into their document management system from all Ricoh devices allowing Eversheds to store and archive documents digitally, and share with employees and clients instantly at any location. Ricoh ‘follow me’ software is another key feature of the new solution, enabling all documents to be tracked and monitored, providing Eversheds with very accurate, real-time information on every single legal case in the system. 

Michael Smith continues, “Ricoh was the only service provider that could put a quality assurance plan in place that is completely transparent and auditable. The early results have been fantastic. They are already delivering perfectly reproduced legal documents ten times quicker than our own in-house team. We’re delighted to have a long-term partnership with Ricoh which will drive many more process innovations in our firm.” Rob Stanley, business development manager, Ricoh Ireland, said, “This is a very significant win for Ricoh in Ireland. It demonstrates perfectly our shift to a service-led business with our document knowledge and management skills being paramount to winning this contract. Law firms have to take the utmost care when storing, reproducing and archiving documents. We believe that Eversheds has taken a very important step forward in the Irish legal sector by putting these new document processes in place.”