Wednesday, 5 June 2013

BandWidthX to launch at Wifi Global Congress in London.

BandwidthX is to launch a new era in global Wi-Fi access and commerce next week at the Wi-Fi Global Congress in London on June 10. The company has developed a solution that will uniquely bridge the gap between Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), bringing new revenue streams and improved profitability for all parties.

The company has created - and will operate - Bandwidth Market, a cloud-based service that enables MNOs to buy Wi-Fi capacity exactly when and where they want to from participating ISPs and Wi-Fi service providers who have capacity in their networks.

MNOs and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), which may need mobile data capacity at specific times and locations, can name their price at Bandwidth Market and automatically and seamlessly connect their selected mobile devices to Wi-Fi from service providers who have chosen to sell their capacity in Bandwidth Market. Similarly, the ISPs and Wi-Fi service providers can offer their Wi-Fi capacity for sale at prices based on time, location and other parameters. ‘Bandwidth’ is the constant and ‘X’ is the variable, meaning prices and policies for both buyers and sellers can be changed in real-time. Bandwidth Market establishes an equitable clearing price for each Wi-Fi capacity transaction. No changes are needed in Wi-Fi access points or mobile networks to participate. Only a small Bandwidth Market application needs to be added to the mobile devices to participate in the trading.

Dr. Pertti Visuri, CEO of BandwidthX says: “We are incredibly excited to launch Bandwidth Market at the Wi-Fi Global Congress in London next week. Wi-Fi is abundant and inexpensive, but not adequately monetized. By enabling Wi-Fi micro-commerce, the BandwidthX platform ensures everybody in the Wi-Fi ecosystem is a winner.”

“Mobile carriers can realize immediate savings through agile and flexible trading in Bandwidth Market and at the same time anyone providing broadband or Wi-Fi service can create new revenue streams by putting their capacity to work. We believe that over time increasing the use of existing Wi-Fi capacity to meet mobile demand will transform the mobile data industry.”

A new paradigm in Wi-Fi access and commerce starts on June 10 this year, when the BandwidthX solution is revealed to the world market at the Wi-Fi Global Congress in London at The Tower Hotel. If you are attending the event and would like to meet Pertti Visuri, please contact Emma Johnson on +44 1636 812152, or email, telephone briefings can also be arranged.

For further information about BandwidthX, visit or follow @BandwidthX on Twitter.