CoderDojoEx and Dublin City Beta Projects presents:
Exciting News for Adults and supporters of CoderDojo
Adults, you’re invited to participate in on of the most exciting summer 2013 events in Dublin. CoderDojoEx and Dublin City Beta Projects will be hosting a series of community Hack Nights. Expert mentors will facilitate helping you build mobile apps, augmented reality, navigation aids, and citizen journalism.
The idea is to assist a soon-to-be launched Dublin museum by inventing digital tools to support their summer events.
  • From CoderDojoEx’s point of view, the focus will be on learning. This is a chance for everyone to support a great initiative while learning about computers, the Internet, hacking, coding, and expanding their digital skills.
  • From Dublin City Beta Project’s point of view, the experiment will be whether this initial trial might be the very beginning of a ‘Code for Dublin’ mechanism, and whether such an idea would be useful to Dublin (citizens and the Council), and what form exactly such an idea might take. We would therefore be simply be using this project as a way to facilitate such a conversation, and we would all develop the concept as it goes!
The CoderDojoEx will run weekly through the summer and will highlight events surrounding By the end of the summer we’ll all be coders / hackers and we’ll have helped tell the story of Dublin’s past and life in the tenements. Our projects and good ideas will be posted to the Internet so we can build from week-to-week. We’ll guide you through the process of building some really awesome projects and crack open some civic datasets to explore life in the city. We’ll explore app development by constructing maps and using new and old sources of multi-media.
Every Monday from 6-8pm beginning 24th June through August. We’ll meet at Georges Hill Chapel in the Markets Area of Dublin (just off Capel Street). It’s a very cool space, a deconsecrated church – and the Chapel is accessed through this deceiving archway!
  • A donation of €5 is requested to cover the cost of renting the venue and snack.
  • A computer laptop is required. (Tablet with keyboard)