Monday, 17 June 2013

Discover more about Nodestack – Production Webinar

"NodeStack" describes the combination of Node.js, MongoDB and SmartOS. A set of technologies growing in popularity for modern, real-time, web and mobile application development.

Node.js can be used successfully with many different databases and operating systems, but developers are discovering unique advantages of MongoDB and SmartOS when architecting solutions that require high agility, flexibility and performance.

Clock's Paul Serby will be kicking things off by discussing how to bring the front and back ends together, for the ultimate production user experience. As Europe's leading Node.js agency, Clock are always delighted to share what they have learnt from working with this groundbreaking technology.
Following Paul we will also be hearing from Will Shulman, CEO of MongoLab, who shall be discussing his experience of running MongoLab with the Cloud. Then finally to complete the Stack components we will be hearing from Richard Rodger from NearForm. Richard will be reviewing SmartOS tools like DTrace, and it's ability to manage product issues and fine tune performance to customer needs.
So register now to learn more about Nodestack - furthermore all speakers will be conducting a live Q+A session after their seminar.