Saturday, 15 June 2013

Five keys to building online community

Here are five best practices for growing your community and keeping it engaged.


1Add Value
Constant marketing pitches don’t resonate well on social networks. Make sure the content you share educates, entertains or otherwise adds value to your community’s experience.
2Use Visuals
Whenever it’s possible, use a picture to communicate your message. Visuals are easily digestible and may prompt more click-throughs. Experiment with videos, which you can also embed directly into your online posts. Try to keep videos no longer than a minute.
When people interact with your brand through a post, comment or tweet, acknowledge them with a response. This demonstrates to potential customers that you value feedback. If comments are negative, respond and do what you can to remedy the situation. Take the conversation offline if necessary.
Share relevant content your community members create. Sharing good content generates goodwill, credibility and further engagement. You don’t have to stop at sharing – try adding your own opinion to start a conversation.
5Integrate and Cross-promote
One post on one social channel will not reach your whole community, so integrate your channels and cross-promote. Published a blog post? Share the headline on Twitter, the images on Facebook and an excerpt on Google+.