Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Holidaymakers Stung by Baggage Charges Outbound Needn’t Be Caught Out on Return Journey Thanks to New Mobile Site and App from SendMyBag

Book and Track Luggage from Comfort of Beach Lounger

As baggage rules from low cost airlines become more confusing and excess fees for overweight or over-sized hand luggage escalate, travellers stung on outbound journeys can ensure their misfortune is limited to one way, thanks to the launch of a new mobile site and app from door-to-door luggage shipping provider SendMyBag. The cost of shipping a bag from an international location back to the UK is no extra than if sending from the UK overseas, so travellers can avoid hefty costs on a return journey by booking with SendMyBag, and the cost stays the same whether booked well in advance or the day before.

The app, available for IoS and Android, can provide a quick quote for baggage shipping anywhere in the world and the baggage can be booked via the newly developed mobile site. Furthermore, the app allows for tracking of any baggage sent or shipped back, for complete peace of mind.

With the recent price hikes from well known low cost airlines, using SendMyBag can offer cost savings of up to £200 for a family of four each transporting one piece of luggage.

SendMyBag founder Adam Ewart said: "It seems on a daily basis baggage rules are becoming stricter – some of the recent news and anecdotes from customers is testament to that, with many turning to SendMyBag instead of facing over-inflated excess luggage fees on their way home!

“So, instead of travellers getting caught out for having even slightly overweight or oversized hand luggage and facing the headache of having to ditch some of their belongings, there is now the option to have it sent safely back home, cost-effectively and even booked whilst they’re on-the-go or from the comfort of a beach lounger.

“For customers who have already booked, the mobile site and app will allow them to track their baggage at the click of a button with no need to remember the tracking number, and get a quote for extra bags in just three clicks, if required. They can also contact us easily if any assistance is required.”

Sending a 30kg item with SendMyBag to Spain costs £30, compared with Easyjet’s whopping £80 for 29kgs. A family of four is saving almost £200, based on a luggage item each. For those going on adventure or sports holidays where equipment such as golf clubs are required, savings can be even higher as this won’t need to be transported to the destination by the traveller.

In this table below, SendMyBag compares baggage shipping costs of two of the most popular low-cost airlines with its service:

First 20kgs bag (return)
£70 return, booked online
£210 if not booked online, but at airport
£30 for 30kgs - door to door
Excess baggage charges (hold)
£40 per kg return (£12 admin fee)
£14 per kg return
Excess baggage charges (hand luggage)
£50 to check bag if oversized (£100 return)
£40 to check bag if oversized (£80 return) plus £9 admin fee*

SendMyBag's costs are vastly cheaper when compared with the airlines' hidden and extra fees. The 30kg weight allowance offers 50 per cent more than the airlines and the number of items sent is not limited, in fact, there is a 10 per cent discount for three or more items being sent.

The launch of this app and new mobile site follows the recent release of SendMyBag’s fun new game, available in iTunes and Android app stores, as well as on Facebook. Mickey O'Greedy's Luggage Swindle is a tongue-in-cheek game providing a fun way for travellers to air their frustrations at increased luggage costs and that of excess baggage. Playing as Mickey O’Greedy, the aim is to grab travellers with luggage, each time bagging 'cash' in the game. High scores can lead to discount vouchers on baggage shipping with SendMyBag and a passport-style leader board means fans can interact with each other and play competitively.

To download the SendMyBag booking app or to download Mickey O'Greedy's Luggage Swindle, visit iTunes and Google Play app stores now. The game can also be played on desktop via Facebook

*Easyjet fares can vary from destination to destination; the above is based on a flight Gatwick – Alicante, August 2013.