Monday, 17 June 2013

Live - Notes from Obama's Speech at the Waterfront, Belfast

In case you can't follow via TV or on streaming news. We will provide  headlines of the Obama speech from Belfast.

Hannah Nelson: "There is no time like the present. NOW is the time to start making permanent peace happen in Northern Ireland."

09:57 Michelle Obama - welcomed onto Belfast Waterfront stage.

09:58 Young people are some of the most important people we meet

10:01 - you have the freedom of an open mind

10:01 How are you going to use those advantages

10:02 We expect great things


President Obama on stage

10:06  Ten's of millions or Irish are part of America story

10:09 Our futures are linked

10:10 You have been Educated in an era of instant communications

10:11 Young people fill me with hope

10:12 day to day life is changing in the North

10:13 15 years since Good Friday agreement

10:17 We strongly support the efforts of peace

10:18 Walls still stand

10:19 More to loose now than has ever been

10:19 you set an example for those who seek peace of there own

10:20 Power sharing requires compromise

10:20 peace is not about politics

10:21 legacy of slavery endured for generations in the US (after Civil war 150 yrs ago)

10:23 its within your power to bring about change

10:25  the fate of peace is up to all of us

10:27 America will stand by you

10:28 Alexandra Park - only European park with a 'peace wall' across the middle

10:30 a gate was put in to allow people to share the park

10:31 Peace is harder than war

10:32 A bullet need happen only once, but for peace to work we need to be reminded of its existence again and again and again.”

10:33 I have confidence you will choose the path of peace

10:33 I am convinced that this little island, that inspires the biggest of things - its best days are yet ahead"

10:34 God bless the people of Northen Ireland

US president Barack  leaves the Waterfront Hall in Belfast & will now travel to County Fermanagh.