Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Online shopping site Flubit.com joins forces with Parcel Motel to cater for savvy Irish consumers


Flubit.com has announced that it is now enabling Irish shoppers to avail of the same cost saving benefits afforded to UK shoppers when shopping online with UK retailers.

The partnership between Flubit.com, the ground breaking new online shopping service, and Parcel Motel, the revolutionary parcel pick up service, will see the service cater for the needs of Irish online shoppers. Due to increasing demand, Flubit.com has quickly moved to expand to Ireland and to partner with Parcel Motel to cater for the demand for products bought online from the UK.

Flubit.com has been creating better offers for UK shoppers since the launch in September 2012 and is a totally personal and private service with a team of people tasked with getting users better offers on the things they actually want. They have received £6.5m worth of demands since their launch, and 32% of offers they’ve sent out have converted into orders.

Flubit CEO Bertie Stephens has this to say on the move to Ireland thanks to the partnership with Parcel Motel: “From the positive response we’ve already had from our Irish users there is a clear demand and we are very excited about partnering up with Parcel Motel so we can save even more customers money on all of their online shopping.”
For Irish shoppers to avail of better offers on all the products they want to buy online, they must submit links to UK websites to Flubit.ie and give their Parcel Motel ID. Offers from Flubit are given within 48 hours and there is no obligation to purchase.

With over 100 locations nationwide, and that number set to rise to 400 by 2014, Parcel Motel allows for shoppers to finally avail of deliveries from retailers in the UK who would not deliver to Ireland in the past.