Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Sam4Mobile, a mobile solutions provider for advertising and marketing agencies and brands, today announced a new version of its real-time web-based tracking console, S4M, that enables advertisers to effectively track post-app download actions from users and determine the media origin. For example, if a publisher seeks new readers through an app download campaign, they need to target actual potential readers of a magazine. S4M enables the publisher to discover, at the optimal price, active app users who are app subscribers and app buyers, not merely app downloaders. Using the insights embedded in S4M, publishers can more precisely target potential customers, and track them inside the publisher’s app, enabling a more effective use of the publisher’s campaign budget.

The new feature provides marketers with greater insights into post-app download purchase decisions, enabling a greater return on investment (ROI). Agencies and advertisers can acquire users on a day-to-day basis, instead of paying upfront for user acquisition. Currently, the new S4M feature tracks across both iOS and Android devices.

S4M also introduces a new software development kit (SDK) for advertisers that offers universal ad network integration. Using S4M, agencies and brands no longer have to implement multiple SDKs for multiple ad networks, and no longer have to re-submit their app when they integrate a new ad network.

“Agencies and advertisers have relied solely on the number of app downloads, and not the effective use of apps. With S4M, we can lower user acquisition cost and optimize app campaigns through more effective tracking,” said Christophe Collet, founder and CEO of Sam4Mobile. “We can help advertisers to learn from app users, by modifying media buys and user acquisition so that active app users, buyers, and subscribers can provide more effective insights.”

Based in Paris, France; London, England; and New York, Sam4Mobile’s S4M product is already used by a majority of the leading media agencies in France, including OMD, PHD, MEC, iProspect, Carat, Mindshare, Mediacom, Maxus, KR Media, Re-mind, and Ocito, among others. Brands that have used the S4M product include the likes of McDonalds, Sony, BMW, Sara Lee, and HP, among others. The S4M product is certified across global ad networks, including Millennial Media; Microsoft Advertising; InMobi; Google; Adfonic; Yahoo!; Orange, and YOC Group.

“We are providing greater transparency for the mobile advertiser. Previously, marketers had to spend upwards of a month to integrate with an ad network. Now, they can work with S4M and have access to all ad networks instantly,” said Collet.

With the S4M product, agencies are no longer reliant exclusively on mobile ad networks, or the mobile operating system (OS) providers, such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, or BlackBerry. Customers license the S4M tool, and can replicate their web ad models, paying out when they collect revenue. S4M is easily customizable, and can maintain the same look and feel of a customer’s current software suite. S4M can track any indicator in real-time for any key performance indicator (KPI), and can track every conversion and perform every ROI calculation, for cost per thousand (CPM); cost per click (CPC); cost per download (CPD); cost per acquisition (CPA), and many others both in app or in browsing environment S4M manages and tracks every ad format, including video and rich media, such as HTML5 units, and can break down by campaign, ad format, ad network, placement, support, format and creative. S4M can track any app download campaign, rich media campaign, or CPC campaign across any geography, in real-time.

“The value of real-time mobile ad insight is now a necessity, and heretofore, it was not possible. We see a larger percentage of our mobile ad spend and where it is performing today – thanks to S4M – than we ever did previously,” said Bertrand Beaudichon, the vice president of Omnicom Media Group France.

Sam4Mobile is addressing a problem that has plagued the effective measurement, namely, the lack of transparency and return on investment (ROI) data. Previously, agencies have had to rely exclusively on the publisher’s or ad network’s data, often triangulating amongst separate systems and methodologies. Now, Sam4Mobile provides the first suite of real-time solutions for agencies to gain full control of the management and the output figures of their own mobile campaigns. With mobile ad spending worldwide set to approach $20.6 billion in 2015, and with the U.S. population to hit 25% tablet penetration in 2014, Sam4Mobile enables agencies to take greater control of their mobile ad spend with richer insights on a global level.

"As business consultants and trusted advisors to our clients, we leverage our global experience, while utilizing the best technology and data to provide tangible insight and analysis to drive strategies that deliver dramatic and measurable results. It is for this reason that we chose S4M for our Mobile/Tablets campaigns," said Aude Marchand, Head of Tracking at iProspect France.