Sunday, 2 June 2013

Startup Stay becomes Bizpora

Startup Stay , the startups travel site has changed.

Startup Stay has finally relaunched and they're expanding the community: It's now called

Bizpora originally started in July 2012 as Startup Stay, a global community for entrepreneurs that travel.
After a 10-month learning curve, the founders made a decision to expand in the business travel market as a whole, helping entrepreneurs and business professionals worldwide.
Bizpora is a platform that helps a trusted community of entrepreneurs & business professionals:
  1. Host & stay with business professionals worldwide, while
  2. Gaining valuable local insights through
  3. Relevant business networking.
We help our international business community:
  1. Build meaningful face-to-face connections : Make new friends/business contacts. Meet new potential colleagues or partners in every trip or at home.
  2. Gain valuable local insights : Save time and money by following the advice from your local business host.
Bizpora also lets you rent out your own place to those looking for a place to stay. Listing is obviously free, and allows any local host worldwide to make money from their extra space whilst helping others business professionals like you.
This is an enriching experience that breaks with the traditional business networking structures.