Wednesday, 10 July 2013

200K investment to MAN fibre infrastructure

Data Edge, Ireland’s network and application performance management company, today announced a contract worth €200,000 with E-net to improve performance management and service reporting on the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) fibre infrastructure. It will cut the costs of network management and - based on anticipated network operations and planning efficiencies – should pay for itself in less than three years.

E-net is a wholesale telecoms operator which provides mission critical services to almost every telecoms operator in Ireland, including companies such as UPC, BT, Imagine and Vodafone. The network itself has a footprint of over 1,000 kilometres of fibre optic cables, covering MANs in 94 towns throughout regional Ireland.

As a very fast growing network operator – with average growth of 63% over the past seven years – it wanted to scale up and simplify the monitoring and maintenance of its expanding networks.

Data Edge has supplied the CA Infrastructure Management (IM) solution*, to enable E-net improve performance management and reporting as well as fault and alarm management.  With this in place, E-net can diagnose problems faster, improve service levels and reduce risks involved in change, all with a view to improving customer experience.

The software automates fault management across E-net’s multi-vendor and multi-carrier network, allowing for overall and tailored network views. It allows easily customisable fault management via user-friendly dashboards and troubleshooting tools that cut problem resolution time and improve customer service.

The solution allows E-net to identify unexpected peaks and troughs in network utilisation and quality of service, so that it can respond very quickly, while also highlighting hard-to-spot long-term trends.

In addition, E-net is better able to plan future network investments due to IM’s sophisticated predictive analysis capability.  This feature will, for example, allow it to model the overall impact of the introduction of a 50 megabits demand to a specific link.

E-net CTO, Thomas Grant, said, “This is an important investment for E-net. It underlines our commitment to delivering a truly world class service for our carrier customers.  We need to be able to prove that our service meets their expectations every day.

“With this investment in place, we expect much better visibility of all monitored interfaces and links so that we can focus our troubleshooting, reduce our mean time to repair and manage a much larger infrastructure estate without increasing our management costs.

“This solution was particularly attractive to us because Data Edge had obvious experience delivering similar projects.  We look forward to working closely with Data Edge to ensure that the solution delivers all the efficiencies and strategic planning benefits it promises.”

Brian McBride, managing director of Data Edge said, “Downtime and quality of service issues can have an immediate and severe impact on productivity, revenue and profitability for businesses. E-net understands the impact that faults can have on its customers and is very committed to assuring both the health and availability of its services for them.

“We will help E-net to streamline and grow its business through more cost-effective and efficient network management and servicing.  The end result will be better customer experience and increased business agility.”