Saturday, 20 July 2013

Crowdfunding News - Title II - Market Catalyst

US Securities and Exchange Commission enacts ban on general solicitation and advertising, Crowd Valley Inc advises Kauffman Foundation in Boulder, speaks at Denver World Trade Center.
SEC Enacts Title II

With the lifting of the SEC'S ban on general solicitation last Wednesday, 10 July, a major barrier to crowdfunding in the United States disappeared. The ban impeded general solicitation of private placements to accredited investors. Although the rules require actualisation, the SEC's ruling will enable legal crowdfunding activity between private companies and investment firms. Pursuant to this new legal landscape, a new offering, 506(c) was created, enabling the sharing and marketing of investments during the funding process.

We can celebrate this news as a step in the right direction for business and investment in the United States. This new and exciting crowdfunding era will provide investors, clients, and companies with fresh opportunities to expand and adapt this model across the country.

Ontario Leads Way in Canada

The Canadian province of Ontario's Securities Commission recently allowed a Toronto-based non-profit to raise funds through an equity crowdfunding platform. This follows a comprehensive dialogue in various provinces in Cananda, on the adoption of crowdfunding.

Although still highly regulated in the rest of the Canadian provinces, this decision by the OSC could open the door for greater crowdfunding investment across the province, and eventually, the country. New team member Irene Tordera has moreCrowd Valley News.

Buzz in Colorado

Markus and Valto participated in enthralling debates on the subject of crowdfunding while attending a conference at the University of Colorado-Boulder. This conference, hosted by the Leeds School of Business and the Kauffman Foundation, sought to illuminate the recent victories and achievements in the crowdfunding sector. With the enactment of Title II of the JOBS Act on Wednesday, this conference was an opportune time for members of the business and academic worlds to listen to the leading industry innovators discuss and debate the possibilities within this new age.

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