Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Internet Entrepreneur Named In Top 100 Most Influential In Irish Technology

SunZu.com Creator and CEO Lyndon Wood has been named in Ireland’s Business & Finance Magazine Tech 100 for his stand-out contribution to the technology industry.

The prestigious placement sees the businessman – with an office in Dublin - as one of four event partners and on the honours list in the Tech 100 listing for 2013 and special guest at an event which will take place at The Marker Hotel, Dublin on July 10.

Wood, a serial entrepreneur who quit school at 14 and started his first business, Moorhouse Group including Constructaquote.com at the age of 19, has been recognised for his business social network, SunZu.com, which he launched in January.

Tech 100 is a Business & Finance and Ireland INC event and publication which will highlight the top 100 most influential Irish technology individuals with a focus on innovation, advancements made in science and technology and contributions to the Irish technology economy.

Business & Finance Media Group will recognise and celebrate the outstanding success of Ireland’s technology leaders and the positive impact multi-nationals have had on Ireland’s economy. Other companies recognised include eBay, Paypal, Google and Facebook.

Lyndon Wood says SunZu’s inclusion in this inaugural Tech 100 list is another milestone for his social network and shows that SunZu is leading the way, with its key focus on business making it stand out from the rest.

“SunZu is a business social network that puts business first for its members,” says Wood.

“SunZu is a global network with members around the world. It’s not limited to Ireland at all. However, Ireland has been the base where we’ve seen the most growth due to our marketing campaigns to date. SunZu members which are all primarily business owners and entrepreneurs, use the network to grow their business, share knowledge, ideas and trade together.”

Worldwide SunZu has over 500,000 members and these numbers are growing by the day as business owners seek out a network that is more than just a CV database or a photo sharing site.

As with any technology company, the formula is constantly evolving and SunZu has a talented technology team working to create a highly desirable and cutting-edge platform.

“SunZu is currently undergoing many exciting developments which will be completely uncovered within the next two months with early adopters benefiting most. As with any start-up there are always changes as we learn and build this platform to become the ultimate network for businesses and entrepreneurs putting business first,” says Wood.

These developments include connectivity with social APIs (application programming interface) which will allow members to pull entire social connections in to their SunZu network and do some clever things with them, an Affiliate Programme which will offer a financial reward to key influencers including newspapers and magazines of relevance who will promote SunZu to their customers, databases and social networks thus growing valued, relevant connections for all members.

SunZu will soon introduce a Question and Answer section where members can ask a question and have it answered by an expert on a particular subject. SunZu also plans to launch a mobile application by the end of 2013.

“Being part of the Tech 100 Event and featuring in this publication is just the start for SunZu,” says Wood. “We have big plans on a global scale and SunZu has opened up many opportunities for business owners who want something new and easy to use online.”