Thursday, 18 July 2013

invoxia Audioffice - Now launched

invoxia Audioffice: sound which is even more impressive than ever!

A smart dock which enhances sound quality and is designed for mobile communications on iOS and Android devices for office or home use.

Following on from the pre-launch at CES 2013, invoxia announces that the new Audioffice which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices is now available.

Invoxia, the major player in high quality telephony, awarded by the most international prestigious organizations in 2012 and 2013 launches the new Audioffice. This evolutionary device which is compatible thanks to its universal connectivity with the latest iOS and Android devices. It is designed to give HD sound and therefore adds a new dimension to the treatment of sound and sublimates telephony and listening pleasure.

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Paris, July 17, 2013 – the new invoxia Audioffice is finally available! Enhanced with a new universal connector which enables the iPhone 4 and 5 to be connected as well as Android devices, the invoxia Audioffice enables professionals and home users to communicate seamlessly via their Smartphone or tablet.

The Audioffice is a versatile dock with a sophisticated Cortex A8 processor which not only provides excellent sound quality for conference calls and private calls but also for relaxation time when listening to music. 

Compatible with Android & iOS devices 
The brand new Audioffice is now fully compatible with Android 4 and above and all iOS devices including the iPhone 5 thanks to the supplied universal connector and micro-USB port. The Audioffice offers easy pairing via Bluetooth, simply pair it to a mobile device or tablet and calls can be made or received either via the mobile line or by using any of the VOIP (Voice over IP) applications such as Skype, Viber, Bria or Facetime.
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Incredible HD sound quality 
The Audioffice has six speakers and is enhanced by four inbuilt microphones which provide even higher sound quality than the previous AudiOffice. The new Audioffice is now also designed with a new passive radiator which increases the performance of bass sounds and gives higher quality of sound when on conference calls or listening to music.

The Audioffice is already enhanced with the famous ‘inVivo Acoustic’ technology which has been developed by invoxia. This technology gives devices a very high sound quality which submerges users in a surround sound experience, as if they are positioned in the centre of an orchestra. This technology makes conversations more dynamic and gives the interlocutor a sense of presence; it also makes listening to music an enjoyable experience. 

Audioffice, designed to provide HD sound
Available on the latest Smartphones across a range of mobile networks such as Deutsche Telekom, Orange, T Mobile UK, and users can benefit from HD sound from their smart dock and experience incredibly clear conference calls.
invoxia3 2The fact that the iPhone 5 is inbuilt with HD sound sets a precedent for the rest of the mobile industry. Up until now regular mobile conversations were between 300 and 3 400 Hertz, HD Mobile sound uses a larger bandwidth from 100 to 8 000 Hertz which is close to the bandwidth of a real conversation between 2 people in the same room. HD sound gives voices much more clarity and makes them sharper and more accurate.

Easy and open connectivity

The Audioffice connects automatically by Bluetooth to the iPhone and to any Android device after it firsts requests to be paired. The Audioffice is compatible with all of the future potential evolutions of devices such as tablets thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports.

The New AudiOffice will be supplied with three USB cables (30 point USB cable, lightning cable, and a micro USB cable) and a master USB port.


The new Audioffice is available to purchase from priced at 299 US$ / 299 € / £259 incl. VAT.

About invoxia
Founded by Eric Carreel, Serge Renouard and Jacques Lewiner in 2010, invoxia is a French high-tech business that designs, develops, produces and markets telecommunication devices aimed at improving comfort and simplifying the user experience.