Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Irene Tordera explains Italian crowdfunding law.

Crowd Valley Inc. – SEC rules changed governing the marketing of sold securities. Irene Tordera explains Italian crowdfunding law.

SEC Rule Changes Aids Crowdfunding

The United States' Securities and Exchange Commission adopted new rules governing the sale and marketing of securities by sophisticated investors. This important component to the JOBS Act will could transform how small to medium sized companies and startups raise capital. This exciting new future is explored by Crowd Valley Founder and Legal Counsel Dan McNamee..
His reflections can be found here: Crowd Valley News.

Crowdfunding Law in Italy Passed

Crowd Valley team member and Italian crowdfunding expert provides the essential background and technical knowledge to understand the ramifications of the passage of a crowdfunding law in Italy.
You can read her thoughts here: Crowd Valley News.

New Crowd Valley Platform Subscription Offered

Crowd Valley is pleased to introduce its stealth platform for operators looking to get ready for Title II straight away. Subscriptions are $99/month and come replete with enormous benefits. If you wish to sign up for a subscription to our stealth platform, which can provide the initial traction and insight into the crowdfunding marketplace, please follow this link: Crowd Valley Stealth Platform Subscription.

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