Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Mobile network operators can now effectively reach their silent roamers

Creating new revenue streams and increased customer satisfaction
Starhome, the leading provider of solutions to optimize multi-network mobility, announced today its new Silent Roamers solution, which will enable operators to identify and approach silent and low usage roamers, tapping into this large, lucrative segment. While silent roamers tend to refrain from using both voice and data, the real challenge is to eliminate the fear of roaming charges caused by the perceived higher costs of data.

It is estimated that revenue loss to mobile network operators reached $1.2 billion in 2012 due to silent roamers’ lack of phone usage.* Starhome’s Silent Roamers solution, based on the Sparx™ platform, allows operators to identify this segment among their outbound roamers and then reduce their fear of roaming usage in real time by sending the right message, ultimately increasing both customer satisfaction and roaming revenues.
Many operators have experienced good results when promoting the right packages to their subscribers. One such example is the O2 UK Travel European roaming package. O2 reported a 200% increase in roaming data usage since its launch in July 2012, and the number of roamers using mobile data when abroad has doubled.**
The Silent Roamers solution receives TAP (Transfer Account Procedure) or NRTRDE (Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange) files that contain roaming usage information for each subscriber and then processes the information to build silent roamer and low usage segments. Using the Sparx real-time contextual campaign management solution, operators target these hard-to-reach segments by sending tailored packages to encourage usage. 

Sparx allows operators to build micro-segmented campaigns tailored for individual subscribers based on their profiles, usage behavior and visit patterns. The ability to simulate campaign results in advance and change campaigns on the fly contribute to the improved effectiveness of operators’ marketing efforts. 
 “According to Juniper Research***, mobile data roaming revenues will grow 21% per year from 2012-2017, to over $35 billion,” stated Shlomo Wolfman, COO of Starhome.  “By developing solutions such as Silent Roamers and Sparx, we can help our customers re-evaluate their strategies and maximize the potential of their roaming business.”