Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A new Perception™ of TV from Vision247

Fixed and mobile telecommunication network operators wishing to differentiate service, raise ARPU and reduce churn through the adoption of a multi-play position can now quickly bring to market hybrid IPTV and over the top (OTT) internet delivered content with Perception™ from media technology and content distribution specialist Vision247.

Perception™ is a pre-packaged, fast to deploy, highly scalable, end-to-end content acquisition, management and distribution platform which supplies network operators with IPTV middleware, content management, billing and monetization for delivery of premium linear broadcast and video on demand (VoD).  Full integration with SmartTVs, set top boxes (STBs) and transcoding for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets ensures content is automatically optimised for the highest viewing quality.

The platform’s Multimedia Gateway Cloud ensures innovative, personalised services keep subscribers ‘sticky’ with an electronic program guide (EPG) forIPTV and IP radio streams which integrates start over/catch up Time Shift functionality and comprehensive network personal video recorder (nPVR) functionality. Subscribers can select to watch, pause, jump back, or restart any programme on the EPG. They can begin watching on one screen, pause or stop, and pick up the programme again on another screen, or even record a programme from devices which do not normally support recording. IPTVsubscribers have the freedom to find, keep or watch any programme, even those they have missed, instantly on any device, anywhere.

The provision of OTT pay per view content - from single shows to series links and the latest movies - is not limited to multi-play subscribers, providing operators with an additional revenue stream and route to new subscriber acquisition. Regionalisation and white labelling of the platform and apps for smartphones, tablets, STBs and SmartTVs enables Perception™ services to also be provisioned to MVNO partners as an additional revenue stream.

John Mills, CEO, Vision247, says: “The emergence of larger screen phablets and the popularity of tablet devices finally makes IP and OTT TV services a prime differentiator for operators seeking to offer multi-play packages that include home and mobile connectivity.”

Perception™ makes full use of high speed broadband, WiFi, 3G and LTE network connections, providing hundreds of channels of 2D standard definitionprogrammes, high definition (HD) content up to 1080p, 4K UHD video formats and 3D channels.

“Rather than becoming trapped in a price discounting scenario, operators that wish to maximise success from the delivery of television services must differentiate their broadcast offering. Only with innovative, high quality, personalised services which deliver the widest choice in terms of content and consumption can network operators hope to drive uptake and generate new ongoing revenues,” says Mills.

The service provider can fully define and categorise the IPTV and OTT streams within Perception™ through a range of commercial packages including free-to-view, subscription time-based services and pay-per-view services.