Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Actix announces record first half revenues and profits

Actix a leading supplier of RAN analytics and optimization solutions for Mobile Network Operators announced record revenues and profits for the first half of FY14, ending July 31st , based on a 28% increase in revenues over the same period last year. The company achieved record profits for the third consecutive quarter.

The strong results continue to be driven by the adoption of ActixOne, the industry's first, most powerful and widely deployed multi-vendor and multi-technology optimization platform. Actix now has more than 60 ActixOne platforms in production.

Actix has seen strong demand in two key segments. Firstly, optimization of existing RAN infrastructure to improve customer experience through visibility into subscriber location to the street level (geo-location). Secondly, the transition from manual optimization to self-optimizing solutions where Actix has early engagements at several leading edge operators.

Richard Kateley, CTO of Actix says: “By using our integrated customer experience analytics, geo-location and network performance analytics, we continue to resolve problems that cannot be addressed by analyzing performance management statistics. The power and flexibility of the ActixOne platform, combined with our experience in developing production SON solutions, put us in good shape for the current and forthcoming trials of different self-optimizing use cases.”

Bill McHale, the CEO of Actix says: “Our people continue to do an excellent job of using the power and flexibility of the ActixOne platform to satisfy a variety of operator requirements for optimizing their RAN. All of this ultimately leads to a better customer experience and a more profitable operator.”