Saturday, 31 August 2013

Campous Party Europe - Win 20K

Get a free Raspberry Pi and up to 20K € in prizes at Campus Party Europe while learning how to build your Future Internet applications using FI-WARE!

Advanced OpenStack-based Cloud capabilities and Open APIs are brought to you by FI-WARE so the connection to the Internet of Things, BigData analysis, application cross-selling or co-creation have never been easier! But FI-WARE is not just about the technology, it is about creating an open innovation ecosystem that helps true entrepreneurs like you to develop and showcase your bright innovative ideas and helps application sponsors to discover and support you.

Register at FI-LAB, a live instance of FI-WARE available to developers for free experimentation with the technology and join us for the ride of your life! 870K€ in prizes will be given to developers in the next 12 months and the first 20 K€ will be given at Campus Party Europe.

And these are just the first steps. There will be 100M€ that will be devoted to fund entrepreneurs who develop their applications using FI-WARE during 2014 and 2015.

Come and visit us at our stand in the Live Quarter, attend our sessions or join us in one of our 3 workshops, where you can get a free Raspberry Pi and learn how to win up the first 20 K€ in prizes given by FI-WARE!

And don't forget that tickets are still available here. Tickets are £30 for the full week or £15 per day – so now you have no excuse not to be there!