Wednesday, 7 August 2013

MetaCert goes one better than Google's recent announcement for a child-safe environment on Android

Google recently announced that it's releasing a major feature for child-mode in Android. Parents can create a shell-account for kids where they have access only to specified apps. This is useful for very young kids. 

MetaCert SafeGuards is different and better. Parents can block/unblock any app as well as set time permissions - kids are automatically given access to, or blocked from certain apps during homework times. And we provide the world's best porn blocking capability - which is what we are known for. So, our solution is suitable for young and older kids.

Here are the key benefits of "MetaCert SafeGuards":

  1. Set time permissions for any app on the device. E.g. block email and jo between 6pm - 8pm Mon to Fri
  2. Set time permissions for websites that we have preloaded into settings - same as above
  3. Add any website you want on the Web as above and set time permissions
  4. Two settings for porn blocking - Strong and Extra Strong. For kids and adults respectfully. Below is a more detailed insight to the blocking with at the core of our business. It's what we're best at.
  5. Unlike our competitors, it's not possible for a kid to delete our app while it's easy for a parent to delete it. Our competitors are EXTREMELY difficult to setup and remove - and there are ways around deleting them.
  6. Blocks file sharing and proxy sites by default so it's more difficult for kids to get around the blocking of porn
  7. It's free - but the time permissions will be an in-app purchase one week after you publish your post. Hence the padlock icon.
  8. This app is suitable for tablets with a mobile device app being released in a few weeks.

About Metacert's Internet blocking.

With more than 720 million pages, MetaCert has classified more pornography than any other company in the world - more than OpenDNS, Norton and McAfee combined. 

They have the lowest error rate of false positives in the industry - that means while our competitors block many innocent websites on mass scale, we don't. Their error rate of false positives is less than 0.3%. 

It's extremely easy to block and unblock pornography using their products. It's an on/off switch. All the data is in the cloud with all applications updated in real time as they label sites every hour of every day.

They have added 30 categories to their backend and they have classified millions of websites to allow customers avoid other types of content that they deem inappropriate for themselves or the children for whom they are responsible - these will be implemented across their products in the coming weeks.