Friday, 9 August 2013

The Startup Revolution: Why It Matters

The Startup Revolution: Why It Matters For Corporations 

Check out The Startup Revolution: Why it Matters for Corporations, a comprehensive paper that includes case studies from nine different corporations – all of which are working hard to support entrepreneurship. In part, this paper provides descriptions of successful programs for startups and links for more information on these initiatives – so if you’re an early-stage entrepreneur and looking for resources, this paper is one place to start.

For the past few months, the team at UP Global has been collecting information and case studies about the corporations that are actively helping startups across the United States. In addition to these studies, the paper also features commentary on the role of corporations in startup communities from Brad Feld and the role of corporate structure in the 21st century from Steve Blank.

To learn more about what corporations are doing for startups across the country, download the paper HERE.