Thursday, 26 September 2013


Predictious is a new Bitcoin Prediction Market launched on July 11th. Users buy predictions using Bitcoins, and get rewarded in Bitcoins when their predictions are correct. It covers various events in several categories: sports (winner of the Super Bowl), politics (winner of the US presidential election 2016), entertainment (FHM sexiest woman 2014).

Within two months, Predictious is counting over a thousand users, and about $40,000 in Bitcoin deposited on the website.

Predictious has revised its fee structure, and fees for very likely or very unlikely events have been slashed by 50%, from 0.0001 Bitcoin per share to 0.00005 Bitcoin per share. The change is effective today.
Predictious is also releasing several new features. Each contract has now a graph showing the evolution of the share price, as well as an order book. Those are very useful tools for traders, as they like to have as much data as possible when trading. Additionally, Predictious has now an option to display share prices as odds in various formats (decimal, fractional, moneyline), which people familiar with sports betting will like a lot.

Various other interface improvements have been made, for instance, users can now display dates in their local time zone, and sort contracts in different orders.

Lots of new contracts have been added since launch, with now over 300 contracts that can be each traded short or long. Among those, there is a number of contracts on the price of Bitcoin, which are popular for hedging risks when buying Bitcoins. Predictious is getting bigger on sports as well, with over 38 contracts for the NFL season. Odds on the Super Bowl are extremely competitive, for example, odds for the Denver Broncos are currently at 5.46 on Predictious, second only to PaddyPower at 5.50.

Predictious has also built a trading API, and is actively looking for market makers. A 20% discount on the fees will be granted to any market maker.

“In just two months, we’ve seen tremendous interest from former InTrade traders”, said Flavien Charlon, Founder

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