Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Digital Geography

Digital Geography, sponsored by ESRI

Nowadays geographic information is a key asset to any business or Government organisation and the rise of browser based map services and GPS enabled smartphone suggests, geographical location and high-tech are becoming more closely aligned and widely available. Location is a powerful way to connect people to place, transactions to actions, responses to trends and customers both to where they do business and what kind of business they do. More and more businesses are consuming maps derived from location based data which is truly revolutionising how companies operate.

Esri Ireland is a software and services organisation specialising in the effective use and application of geographic information systems or “GIS”. GIS is based on the simple principle of attaching a location to every piece of data. By doing this we can work with geography in a digital way. We help customers record where things happen and analyse why, to give business insight on which to make better decisions. 

Our business is built on the belief that knowing where things happen matters. 

For the past ten years we have been working hard to raise the profile of Geographic Information and the value it can bring. We are delighted to sponsor the newly created “Digital Geography” category, a first for the Eircom Spider Awards for 2013. Showcasing what businesses and organisations can achieve through the use of “Digital Geography” will provide a great opportunity for the GI community to raise its profile to a brand new audience. By highlighting the work of the nominees and winner we hope that people will acquire a whole a new appreciation and curiosity for the “power of place”.

The Digital Geography category will recognise websites and mobile apps that make effective use of place and location. Use of digital mapping and location based services enhances the experience of any website or app. Maps relate information found online to the real world. Judges will be looking for websites and apps that make effective use of digital maps to convey business, social or environmental information in an engaging, informative and innovative manner.

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