Sunday, 1 September 2013

Launchbox .ie finalists teams announced


AdMe, the ultimate student companion, is the new way to discover college life. We have built a management platform for those amazing students who love to share their passions through societies. Having worked very closely with major societies, we developed a solution to common problems faced when signing up new members, organizing events, and collecting money. AdMe makes it seamlessly easy to run a society by bringing mobile technologies to today’s college life. Our user-friendly iOS and Android app enables Freshers to discover the full extent of what university has to offer, on the go, at their fingertips. To make the most of your student experience, or simply to find out what’s the craic around college, Join AdMe!

BiteLock - Brian Higgins and John Hickey

BiteLock are developing a secondary bike lock which immobilizes the bike in an attempted robbery. Unlike regular bike lock this will immobilise the bike even when the lock is broken.

Food Cloud - Alex Sloan, Emma Mooney and Iseult Ward

There are many wonderful organisations helping the needy in every town in Ireland. On the other hand food businesses often have good food that is left un-served and unsold at the end of the day. Often businesses and charities are unaware that they can help each other. To solve this problem, Foodcloud brings them together in order to reduce both food waste and food poverty.

We do this with the use of a snazzy app, legal contracts (to make sure everyone follows all the food safety rules), and a network of businesses and charities willing to restore some of that old Irish community spirit based on shared food. Check out "how it works" to find out more.

Synthetech - Eric Risser and Wenyi Sun

Founded in 2013, Synthetech is an early-stage company offering a new breed of art tool for the computer graphics industry. We are focused on building software that automates art creation through our flagship application Artomatic and Photoshop plug-in Color Bandit. Our products automate many of the tedious and time-consuming aspects of art creation, which means fewer artists can produce more art quicker, reducing costs and timelines. Art creation is no longer the bottleneck for how large and vibrant a virtual world can be. We bring the richness and variety of the real world into the digital realm.

WifiGuard - Guoxian Yang and Oisin O'Sullivan

WiFiGuard is a revolutionary security software solution which, through our unique proprietary technology, uses your common household WiFi modem as a powerful intrusion detection system with minimal installation and setup. Set to launch as a smartphone app this August, WiFiGuard aims to transform home security, making it simpler, cheaper and more efficient.

Writing for Tiny - Gail Condon and Nicola Davis

Writing for Tiny helping you find the words. This is a new and innovative way of speaking to children through the magic of books. It is designed to help parents or relatives to communicate with their little people about common everyday issues and about the more difficult aspects of life. Writing for Tiny will write and illustrate a tailor made eBook for you and your child. These are carefully written and lovingly hand illustrated eBooks. Choose between a Writing for Tiny Tale, which we will personalise, or a Writing for Tiny Topic with one of our Tiny characters!