Thursday, 24 October 2013

Geeklist is off to Web Summit

Geeklist are proud to announce that Geeklist #hack4good will be hosting the next Hackathon for social good at the world wide Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland October 29th thru 31st!  On the 29th Geeklist are once again bringing the world’s best and brightest developers, engineers, designers, and leaders and uniting them into a single purpose:  Making the world a better place by developing awesome apps for social good!

Response from organizations who dedicate their lives to making the world better has been outstanding! They've already been given some amazing challenges from Oxfam, Concern Worldwide, the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria, World Vision, Goal, Centrepoint, Inspire Ireland and Young Enterprise - these are very much real-world problems that we're going to be building solutions for! Teams get to work directly with these organizations if they choose to!

To carry the torch, Geeklist is flying in our winning Geeklist developers from the Global Geeklist #hack4good series, who will be attending exclusive seats at #hack4good in Dublin, as well as admission to the Web Summit!  
They’re so proud of this years global winners and our local winning teams, and we know the how well these individuals will represent the calling to make world a better place at the Geeklist #hack4good at the Web Summit!


The Web Summit is sold out and the Geeklist #hack4good Hackathon is getting MEGA attention from start-ups, founders,philanthropists, CEOs, and companies from all over the world.  They are all excited to see the impact that our teams make; and we’re even more excited to connect all of the participating teams with the world’s technology leaders!

Stay tuned for the latest updates! They will be broadcasting live coverage of the event and some special challenges from our partners! 

To get involved or sponsor the event please contact