Sunday, 6 October 2013

Gimme The Video!

Innovative new business tool launched by award-winning animation company, Igloo Animations

Igloo Animations – an award-winning Dublin based company – has launched a new business product to assist companies looking to reach out to potential clients.
Gimme The Video.Com is an efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to communicate their message to potential clients, offering a clear and concise explanation of any topic or product they wish to present, in a relaxed and uncluttered way.

Facebook, Enterprise Ireland and Sureskills have already signed up to use the product.

“Gimme The Video.Com stands out as a more progressive approach to online videos. By using a presenter mixed with animation, each video offers a more personable way to explain topics online,” says Trevor Courtney, CEO of Igloo Animations.
“It works in the same way as our previous service/product 'Gimme The Short Version.Com', which was hugely successful. For Gimme The Video.Com however, instead of choosing a cartoon character clients can now pick a presenter, offering a more human touch. Each presenter is then placed into Igloo's animation land and can be moved in and out of shot and make room for visual explanation and instructional design.”

Gimme The Video.Com offers a complete package: script editing, filming, presenting and animation. Business owners are able to choose a presenter from Igloo’s wide selection; alternatively, company owners are also welcome present their own topics in the Igloo studio themselves.

Igloo’s in-house award-winning creative team will think up clever ways to add value to any message using animation. The video can then be placed on a business website so that potential clients can have a basic understanding of the business before they make contact. It also offers the opportunity for businesses to greet new clients in an informal and unique way, ensuring a strong pitch for any business.