Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Michele Neylon is this year’s recipient of the Overall Net Visionary Award

Irish domain registrar and hosting company Blacknight (http://www.blacknight.com/) has another accolade under their belt. Blacknight CEO Michele Neylon is this year’s recipient of the Overall Net Visionary Award.

The annual IIA Dot ie Net Visionary Awards (http://www.netvisionary.ie/), were Held at The Smock Alley Banquet Hall in Dublin on September 27, 2013. Now in their 15th year, the IIA have recognized Internet leaders such as Eamon Leonard, Jerry Kennelly, Dylan Collins, Pat Phelan, and Ray Nolan for their vision, entrepreneurship and innovation. As the Net Visionary Awards website explains: “Winning an IIA Dot ie Net Visionary Award means you’re the best at what you do but not in the run of the mill ‘best’ kind of way but in a pretty stand-out innovative kind of way.”

This year’s winner, Michele Neylon, was recognized for his contribution to the betterment of the Internet domestically and internationally. In the awards speech given by Joan Mulvhill of the IIA, it was also noted that the award recognized Neylon’s “thought leadership on Internet freedom and ICANN policy” as well as his work as the Chair of the ICANN Registrar Stakeholder Group.

Mulvhill’s speech continued: “I said earlier on that it was important to pick battles that are big enough to matter and small enough to win. This year's winner is a true knight, one that is fearsome and fearless in his convictions and for whom no battle seems too big. He has earned his seat at the round table having been voted chair of the ICANN Registrar Stakeholder Group, the group that represents the registrars of the whole world. He is the only European of that executive committee and we are so proud that he is one of us.”

The overall net visionary award was decided by the private votes of the IIA board.

Michele Neylon sates: “I am humbled and speechless. You find the thing you love to do, that you care about more than anything else and you do it everyday because you must. You don’t expect anyone to notice; you just want to make the world that you live in better. To be recognized for my work, and for doing the thing I love the most is extraordinary. I am honoured to be recognized by IIA and will continue to work to be worthy of this great award.”