Thursday, 5 December 2013

Parallel Proxy launches free real time analysis tool for Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers

Parallel Proxy,based in Dublin, has launched a free cloud based tool to help Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers monitor, capture and fix any service issues before an application goes live.

“No matter how well you test it in advance, up to 80% of service issues occur after deployment of updated application software. In the same way that no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy, up until now it was impossible to know for sure how an application would run until you went live,” explained Pat Donnelly, CEO, Parallel Proxy (<>).

“This can result in customer service and reputation damage as well as costly and time consuming identify and fix issues. Parallel Proxy solves this problem by sending your live traffic in real-time to your pre-deployment environment, detecting and reporting the issues that would have occurred if you had actually deployed.”

He added, “Parallel Proxy is the only product that allows you to send real production traffic to your pre-deployment instances in real-time and safely. Users no longer have to rely on monitoring to tell them about problems with a new release.”
The new cloud based service, which can be deployed in minutes, is aimed at anyone developing applications served by the AWS cloud. This includes AWS developers in major corporations as well as software development houses. Parallel Proxy has been designed to integrate seamlessly within an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) environment. It is compatible with Autoscaling and Elastic Load Balancer set-ups.
The free version includes automated difference analysis and rules suggestion. This can be upgraded to provide management features to allow rules to be saved and re-applied for future deployments.

Parallel Proxy is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with development offices in Perth, Australia. Further information and free implementation is available at<>