Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Rise of Internet Censorship and Surveillance

The Internet is a valuable communication tool that allows us to stay well informed about what is going on in the world around us, but many of the reporters and bloggers who share events from war-torn or crime ridden countries are taking big risks to share that information. This eye-opening infographic highlights some of the challenges that reporters face in other parts of the world, and also shows how cyber warfare is becoming an increasingly important tool for activists and government organizations alike.

Online reporters face risks every time they speak out. In Mexico, there have been several instances of journalists being murdered after they wrote about drug trafficking and other organized crime rings. There have been 20 cases of journalists being killed in Syria in the last year alone, and in India more than ten people have been arrested for the crime of posting to, or “liking” anti-government posts on Facebook. Twitter users in Bahrain also have to watch what they say. Ten users of the social network were arrested for making posts that insulted the King, and some of them ended up serving time in prison because of the content of their posts.