Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Úll 2014. Limited release of tickets

The Úll Conference

Úll is a conference about building great products, with Apple as a guiding light. This year, the theme that we’re most interested in exploring is “craft & storytelling”. The emphasis is on conversations, learning, interacting and sharing.

Speakers - The speaker list is growing .

Jim Dalrymple
You know Jim from the loop insight. He's a friend of Úll. He's coming back.

Matt Gemmell
Speaker, writer, developer, all round great guy. He keynoted last year, and is back again.

Jennifer Brook
Jennifer was a senior UX designer for the New York Times when the iPad launched. She's now freelance. We liked her talk so much last year, we had to have her back.

Guy English
Not only an iOS legend, Guy's behind Çingleton. Úll falls in Çingleton's wide shadow.

Jason Snell
Editorial Director for Macworld. Jason visited Dublin a few months back, we met up and knew immediately he was right for Úll.

Jean MacDonald
Partner at Smile Software, and founder of AppCamp4Girls. Jean is acting to address the lack of women in tech. We can't wait to hear more.

Lex & Dave
Co-hosts of the Unprofessional podcast. They come as a package.