Monday, 6 January 2014

Back to work - Some thoughts and New Year Wishes

So all the festivities are over, and the morning has arrived where we have to go back to work. For Entrepreneurs this is either two things:

1) An emotional feeling of fear and hope all wrapped up inside or 2) an excitement that over shines the fear.

The reason I say this is because I have recently been at a meeting of mentors and startups taking part in Startup Academy 2014. The energy of hope and excitement was mixed with a little fear and you could actually feel it in the room.

Some startups had much work to do and were worried about deadlines and funding, and others were more fearful of the pickup by the users of their new product or service.

We all have a built in 'positivity' meter for New Years, we may not all use it, but we generally believe that the next year is going to be better than the last and this I saw in the faces of the new entrepreneurs.

It is inspiring to see young, clever and hard working people going for their goal. We wish them all the best in 2014 and I am sure you do too!