Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Digital Hub to Release End-of-Year Statement

The Digital Hub Development Agency (DHDA) – the government agency that manages The Digital Hub – will release its end-of-year statement for 2013 at 11am tomorrow, Thursday, 2nd January

The statement will outline key successes from the past 12 months, including the number of new companies that joined the enterprise cluster at The Digital Hub and the latest employment figures for companies based there. 

Edel Flynn, Chief Executive Officer of the DHDA, will be available for comment.  She will provide analysis on the levels of demand for office space during 2013, as well as on the types of domestic and FDI (foreign direct investment) enterprises that joined The Digital Hub in the past year. 

Commenting in advance, she said: “2013 was one of the busiest and most successful years at The Digital Hub.  A range of new companies joined our enterprise cluster, including some well-known, marketing-leading brands.” 

Case studies of two Digital Hub companies – the US software enterprise eMaint and the Irish-owned IT consultancy MaithĂș – will be included in the end-of-year statement. 

Further information about The Digital Hub is available at