Wednesday, 15 January 2014

IIBN Future Leaders Programme

IIBN Future Leaders Programme 

The Irish International Business Network has announced that it has been awarded funding by the Irish Government under the Emigrant Support Programme for a dedicated Future Leaders Programme. One of IIBN’s long standing objectives has been to support the next generation of ‘rising stars’ and to work with Irish talent to propel them to the next level in their chosen career path, whether as an entrepreneur or within a business environment. 

" Our plans under the Future Leaders Programme will position us to truly begin this process and to build a relationship with future key influencers, who will have an impact not just in the UK or Ireland but also globally."

 Recent evidence of our commitment in this regard was demonstrated at our 3rd Global Annual Conference in November 2013 when a number of young entrepreneurs stole the show with their new business ideas and innovative routes to market.In 2012 the Irish Government opened up the ESP to business networks for the first time and the funding being made available to the IIBN represents a significant measure of confidence by the Irish community in the UK and the Government in what IIBN represents and the reputation it has built over the last 7 years

 The aim of the IIBN Future Leaders Programme is to work with up to 25 young people (aged 25- 35) over a 12 month period to enhance their personal networking skills and business experience, to inculcate their sense of Irishness and to retain their commitment to the positive promotion of Ireland. The plan is for this to become an annual rolling programme. 

A core group of Mentors is currently being finalised to include IIBN Board members, Patron Members and Members of the Global Irish Network. IIBN is also working with its own network, plus the various business, graduate, alumni and professional networks in the UK to encourage participants to put themselves forward for inclusion in a one-to-one mentoring programme. If you are interested in participating as a mentor or Future Leader please send an email with relevant contact details to so you can be sure to receive relevant details on applying.

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