Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bidstalk launches Mobile Advertising Solution

Bidstalk, a leading mobile advertising solutions provider, has today launched an innovative white-label mobile DSP solution for advertisers, agencies & ad networks and an intelligent Ad-Server for mobile app publishers, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Bidstalk provide a white-label mobile DSP solution to advertisers. Its transparent, real-time bidding (RTB) system gives instant access to mobile traffic from a network of supply partners and app publishers. The company launched in December 2013 and has clients in markets worldwide.

"Our new solutions are a game changer for the mobile advertising marketplace" said Vaibhav Gupta, Founder and CEO of Bidstalk. "We provide a unique platform for businesses who want to set up a DSP, providing them with an out of the box platform which can be up and running within 24 hours and can accelerate time to market for ad-agencies or advertisers with zero technology cost."

Gupta continues, "We are a technology solutions provider, making mobile advertising simple and easy, providing real-time-bidding and taking care of everything from payment to customer support. Our solutions accelerate time-to-market for ad-agencies or advertisers with zero set-up cost."

White-label mobile DSP solution

Bidstalk's white-label mobile DSP solution will allow advertisers to place highly targeted smart ads on thousands of premium mobile apps. Complete with a transparent, real-time bidding system, the solution provides advertisers with instant access to mobile traffic from app publishers.

The solutions ad-tracking and data-driven performance control features allow for optimisation and measurement of ad performance and engagement. The key advantage of Bidstalk's systems is that there is no need to put any infrastructure or technology in place. Advertisers can build their solutions on Bidstalk's platform and instantly start bidding on high-quality SSP traffic from the most premium app publishers.

Bidstalk's Ad Server allows for maximisation of ad revenues for mobile app developers. The Bidstalk Ad server enables users to build a dominant SSP powered by Bidstalk's technology, allowing mobile developers to instantly access and manage their inventory, maximising profits with an increased number of impressions and clicks.

Bidstalk's technology first approach to business means their focus will continue to be on providing a reliable service to customers and building new features to enhance the products.