Friday, 14 February 2014

Boost Programme announces first 15 Startups

We are keen supporters of Startups and programmes to help them, here are the details on the TWN Boost programme,.

The first 15 startups to join the early stage startup program Boost have been selected; in total 70 startups will be selected to participate and demo at The Next Web Conference Europe in front of a worldwide audience, press and investors. Over 250 applicants from all over the world have applied so far and are in the process of being interviewed to claim one of the remaining 55 spots to demo at TNW Europe 2014.

For it's 9th edition of TNW Europe Conference, The Next Web has redesigned it's offering for startups by launching a brand new program dedicated toward accelerating, growing and supporting promising early stage startups from all over the world.

Startups like Waze, Rapportive and Shutl are just a few of the companies that have presented at TNW Conference in the past and went on to sell for millions in the years after their launch at The Next Web.

The 'Boost' program, which is being co-hosted by WeTransfer, is designed to connect startups with all the resources needed to grow: capital, coverage and new customers. Amongst the perks of joining the program are a branded Demo Table, a one-on-one introduction to a TNW-editor, a chance to pitch on stage and the opportunity to submit a pitch deck to investors before the start of the event.

Here are the first 15 participants:


From: The Netherlands

Quick pitch: "CompanyMatch allows jobseekers to match with companies they match best with based on their cultural and personal fit."


From: The Netherlands

Quick pitch: "We professionally translate your website with the ease of just a few clicks and we even keep all your translations automatically updated too. Paste a Javascript snippet in your website, select languages and you're done."

Lowdown App

From: United Kingdom

Quick pitch: "The worlds first meetings app. Automated meeting information to help busy professionals. Save hours preparing for each and every meeting."


From: United Kingdom

Quick pitch: "23snaps is a mobile-first private social network for families. Parents can capture & privately share photos, videos & updates of their children and order prints of favourite snaps."


From: Switzerland

Quick pitch: "Hoosh develops an online competitive intelligence and market research platform that helps customers make better decisions in a matter of seconds."

From: United Kingdom

Quick pitch: "Have you ever watched and online video and seen something you wanted to buy or find out more about? Taggled lets you tag items within your video for free."


From: The Netherlands

Quick pitch: "Ballcapp helps webshop owners convert their webshop to a native mCommerce app for iOS and Android."


From: Norway

Quick pitch: "With Swipe, anything can be a slide and you can present it live to anyone, anywhere, on any device. Let's change presentations forever."

Extended Mind

From: Finland

Quick pitch: "Upload your thoughts and tasks into your Extended Mind so that you can focus on what's important. Retrieve all your important information in seconds."


From: Switzerland

Quick pitch: "EveryCook is not a simple kitchen device. EveryCook is an assistant that takes you by the hand, guides you through the recipe and does most of the job for you."


From: The Netherlands

Quick pitch: "We offer artisans & designers from developing economies the easiest way to create online storefronts to reach, connect and engage with a global audience."


From: The Netherlands

Quick pitch: "Engineering Music Discovery that values influences over behaviours to unlock new and inspired music recommendations – Rethink Music Intelligence."

Silicon Ireland News loves to cover startups and the Boost program at TWN Conference is no exception.

The 'Boost' program is designed to connect startups with all the resources needed to grow: capital, coverage and new customers.

Here are the 15 Statups to be picked:-

Board a boat

From: United Kingdom

Quick pitch: "Board a Boat is a peer to peer boat rental marketplace. Whereby boat owners can easily make their boats available to hirers."


From: United States

Quick pitch: "Resultly allows you to get realtime updates on things like products, news , jobs and to discover your friends interests."


From: The Netherlands

Quick pitch: "30mhz is a tool to measure the uptime on the internet of things - because uptime is not a vanity metric."