Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Global Crowdfunding Market report now available from CrowdValley

 Crowd Valley Inc ( has published a new Global Crowdfunding Market Report showing trends and developments internationally in the online securities market.

In October 2013, Crowd Valley published the first Global Crowdfunding Market Report, which translated the company’s overview on the international crowdfunding market into facts and figures presented at the University of California Berkeley.

Since then, a few important milestones have been achieved by the crowdfunding industry. In particular, in the US, Title II of the JOBS Act became effective, allowing companies to publicly solicit investors and advertise the sale of securities. The SEC also opened a comment period on Title III, which would allow non-accredited investors to invest in crowdfunded offerings. 

In Europe, the UK and France initiated public consultation periods on their proposed regulations for securities crowdfunding. All of these advances have stimulated many actors attention, who are closely following the situation and getting ready to move with first steps into the market.

Crowd Valley thus decided to again frame the situation, publishing the Crowdfunding Market Report for Q4 of 2013. This publication features charts obtained by surveying more than 600 individuals and companies that have expressed an interest in entering the crowdfunding market and shows how the global crowdfunding market has evolved during the last three months of 2013.

Those interested in receiving a copy of the latest Crowdfunding Market Report are kindly invited to sign up here.