Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mobile World Congress 2014 - Doro Brings Increased Freedom to Irish Telecare Users

Doro’s care strategy for 2014 is to encourage more people to leave their homes by making telecare truly mobile. This will give greater freedom for the user and will add peace of mind for loved ones. Doro, the global leader in easy-to-use mobile phones and assistive communication products for seniors, has added a minimalist telecare enabled mobile phone to its range. This aims to bring greater assurance to people reliant on telecare.

The dual sim Doro Secure® 580 enables the delivery of telecare services and telephony simultaneously. This safe and secure device works on both GSM and 3G bands for improved network coverage. It also has a level of water resistance to give the product greater longevity. It has four buttons that can be pre-programmed – which provides for simple, direct one-touch dialing. The handset is also HD Voice certified and compatible with hearing aids to provide greater security and vital communication to vulnerable users. It can also be set up and remotely managed on a PC by an appointed person via the Doro Experience® Manager – the company’s cloud-based remote device management service.

This mobile phone complements Doro’s existing range of consumer products, which can also be used by dependent seniors for care purposes. Last year, it was announced that the Doro Liberto® 810 smartphone can be connected with the Withings Scale and Pulse devices, offering daily wellbeing monitoring. Withings has since launched a smartphone app to monitor weight, activity, sleep and the heart – which can also be accessed and used on the Doro Liberto® 810. Doro has created an extensive portfolio of mobile phones, which have been specially designed to be easy-to-use for the senior audience. Seniors are more likely to engage with telecare services and connected objects if delivered through an existing device they are confident with – making Doro mobile phones the ideal channel for telecare.

Caroline Noublanche, Vice President Marketing and Portfolio, at Doro said: “As the everyday needs of the growing senior population change – we are evolving our Care product offer to help meet those needs. This new device gives extra peace of mind and uses innovative mobile technologies to deliver many direct end user benefits in terms of increased personal security and safety.”

Doro will continue to leverage its growing ecosystem of hardware and software partners to offer more connected health devices to people regardless of their age. This is part of the overall strategy to be the most trusted partner in care solutions for seniors.